Frequently asked questions

What is KK?

KK Stands for Kris Kringle which is sometimes called Secret Santa. It is when people choose one gift for a person in a group or one gift to go in a group of gifts for a group of people. The style of gift giving is becoming more and more popular as the costs of gifts increase, families get larger and buying a gift for everyone becomes out of the question. the Gift giving craze has also been a long term tradition in offices for a bit of christmas cheer.

How do I set a KK?

We provide 3 different ways to conduct your KK.

  • Both a recipient and gift giver can be printed on the gifts before delivery.
  • Only the recipients name is on the gift making the gift giver a mystery.
  • Both the recipient and gift giver is blank allowing the gifts to be given out randomly, we will able the gifts, 1-10 etc.

 How do I put forward a product idea for KK

  • Send us an email and we will get in contact with you to discuss it further, Help us improve our mix and make everyone KK better.