KK makes it fun and easy for a group of friends,
family members or co-workers to exchange gifts.

How KK Works

KK allows you to organise your Kris Kringle (KK) with ease, controlling the unique price, gifts and participants. We allow the process to be simplified while still allowing the fun and excitement of everyone choosing gifts and receiving them all wrapped up and ready to go. It is perfect for friends, family and the workplace.

Set it up

Set up the name of the group, invite your friends, set the location, set the date, set the KK type and you are ready to go. We also allow the group manager to manage the KK up until it is shipped to give ‘those guys’ a little hurry along.

Shop for gifts

After setting up the group you will be able to choose a gift. Everyone else in the group will recieve an email inviting them to choose a gift as well.

To your door

Once everyone has chosen a gift the organiser will be notified and we will package your goods to your KK specifications. Once this process is complete the organiser will be notified that the goods are on their way and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the KK fun.